Since 1963 our story of love.

It was 1963 in December, the month of Christmas and family warmth, when “Inglesina Baby” was born. Liviano Tomasi thus began his adventure in the world of prams, taken over by the love for the children, his passion for go-carts. Creating a product that would help parents take care of their children has allowed a constant growth of the company: starting from the first revolutionary stroller of the Seventies, “Apollo”, Inglesina has always wanted to share its love for children with creations that would attest it, and of great prestige and quality. Still pushed by this philosophy of life, starting from the Eighties onward, Inglesina lived the fundamental impulse to its growth: production was expanded with the introduction of accessories, followed by modular solutions and lastly, the true novelty of the industry, M’Home, the extremely high design level home and child line. Experience and passion have always led the company towards the constant search for an unbreakable bond between history and progress: the result is the Quad, the modular system that blends an extremely modern and technical appearance with robustness and style.

About us

The feeling that animates life is love. A path and a journey, a discovery and an emotion, love reveals something about us and gives us the passion to win, the joy to smile, the impulse to grow, the curiosity to share.

Our way of loving reveals who we are, who we love and how we do it.

The people who work at our company are parents, too and, like our customers, have experienced the emotions of having children. We are aware that the birth of a baby brings great joy and, at the same time, great responsibility. This is why, for about fifty years, we have worked hard so that mums and dads can relax when their baby travels in an Inglesina, dedicating ourselves to babies with enthusiasm and passion.

Our objectives are comfort, safety and functionality. Our tools are research, innovation and style.

This is the world of Inglesina: a world "built with heart" that, as always, we offer in tribute to babies.

Why the name Inglesina

Behind the Anglo-Saxon references of the Inglesina name, there is a completely Italian reality.
So, why did we choose this name?
The answer has to do with the company's first model in the 1960s: the historic "London," with a leaf-spring frame, inspired by traditional English carriages of the British court. From here the name "Inglesina": which, in Italian, is feminine, like the word for "pram".

A choice of identity that we have maintained and confirmed over time. In fact, the original "London" model is still sold today, in an updated design, with the name, "Classic": a model that, in addition to being the Inglesina icon, represents the pram par excellence